Scales of War

Daughter of Death - Episode 2

Airdate: October 9, 2011

Tzal and a group of Deathless Watch force the adventurers to come with them to a dilapidated building. Tzal tells them they are interfering in an official investigation by trying to find Kendress Moileth. He tells them to stop looking for her.

After Tzal lets them go, the adventurers debate whether to continue on the quest. They decide to proceed. Carric takes a random person off the street and starts asking about Kendress. The person has never heard of Kendress but says a group of cultists have moved into the flooded portion of Sunken Isle. Also, a dark, flying creature has been seen in the same area.

The party goes to the flooded section and finds a raftsman willing to transport them to Kendress’s hideout. He says Kendress told him to expect some people looking for her. He takes them to an entrance to the sewers. The party forces him to accompany them. He leads them through the sewers until suddenly Kendress appears ahead and says she has been expecting them. She leaves, but a group of her followers (including a werewolf, a shadar-kai witch, a shadar-kai with a large axe and the ability to move invisibly) attacks the party. Riven and Faral are both bitten by the werewolf. After defeating Kendress’s followers, the party finds two potions of fire resistance, two potions of vigor, 100 GP and a pair of Frost Gauntlets for Dorlon. After a rest, they follow Kendress to an underground cavern.

Kendress is waiting with a red wrymling and two shadar-kai chain fighters. The party is taking serious damage but manages to eliminate the chain fighters. Will they defeat Kendress and the dragon?



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