Scales of War

Daughter of Death - Episode 1

Airdate: August 14, 2011

Party visited Rufus Crumley at his tower in Shantytown. For a fee, he guided them to a shadow crossing a couple days northeast of Overlook.

The party traveled to the shadow crossing and used the ritual scroll of Shadow Passage to travel to the Shadowfell.

They arrived near a small village on the shore of the Stormy Sea. They hired a boat to take them to Gloomwrought. They were dropped off at the public docks. After checking in with the city watch and paying a “registration fee,” they learned that the Daughter of Death was the high priestess for the Raven Queen. They went to the Raven’s Eyrie to find her.

At the Eyrie, they spoke with one of the priests and told him about Riven’s dreams. He relayed the story to the Daughter of Death. She told them to find Kendress Moileth and return her to the Eyrie. He promised the party 500 GP for her return. The priest suggested trying to locate who might be supplying Kendress with ritual components. He suggested the Midnight Market as a place to start.

Went to Midnight Market
Found ritual supplier (shadowborn human chews on foul smelling weed)
Contact (half-orc) at Chum Bucket near Beggar’s Wharf
Located contact
Intimidated contact
Reveal meeting on Isle of Groves
Followed to Isle of Groves
Followed new person
Confronted new person
New person side he did not know Kendress
Re-confronted Chum Bucket contact
Told them they had been deceived
Relocated other cut-out
Followed him into an encounter with a dark one, a cloaked figure, zombies and a gargoyle

XP: 190 per character

Treasure: 300 GP and a level 7 magic item for Faral



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