Scales of War

Episode 3.7 - Sarshan's Offer

Airdate: June 24, 2011


Went into a barracks and found several shadar-kai cowering under their beds. They told the party Sarshan lived in the top of the tower. The party took the levitation lift up to the next level.

While looking around the garden, a shadow beetle and several swarms of rot scarabs attacked.
The party killed the beetle and one of the swarms and pushed the other swarms down to the next level.

At this point, Sarshan’s troops surrounded the party. As the party gave up, Sarshan came through the teleportation portal. When he discovered the party had killed Modra and halted her sabotage in the Foundry, he suggested the party join him. The party agreed, but Sarshan did not feel they were sincere. Suddenly, an earthquake and explosions rocked Umbraforge. Sarshan dispatches his troops in response to the crisis and leaves Thannu and his panthers to kill the party. After exchanging a few blows, the party decides to leave through the teleportation portal. Unfortunately, it is configured only for Sarshan’s use. They quickly begin to reconfigure the portal. Once the portal was reconfigured, the party fled to the Black Shrine. As the shrine collapsed around them, the party left the Shadowfell through the gate in the Black Shrine.

The party returned to The Happy Beggar and an extended rest.

Dorlon and Riven went to the magical college to hire a sage to research the city that Riven has been dreaming about. The sage determined that the city Riven described was probably Gloomwrought.

The party did some magic item shopping.



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