Scales of War

Episode 3.6 - Into Sarshan's Tower

Airdate: June 12, 2011

Riven awakes from death clawing himself out of a grave. A voice whispers “There is work to do.” He has a vision of a city surrounded by a black stone wall. Demon faces appear on the wall. Inside the city buildings of black stone rise and fall. A voice (The Raven Queen) tells him to “seek the daughter of death.”


  • Leena told the party about a tunnel connecting the foundry to Sarshan’s tower.
  • The party learned that Sarshan brokers mercenaries not only in the Shadowfell, but also in the world.

The party entered Sarshan’s tower through the secret tunnel from the Foundry.
They entered the library and surprised a group of shadar-kai.
After defeating them, Riven found a Horned Helm +1.

After a short rest, they proceeded to the great hall and encountered two shadar-kai, a dark haunter and a wraith.

After another short rest, they entered the guest quarters and fought and defeated the gnolls there. The gnolls were members of the Wicked Fang clan. The party found a letter outlining a proposed deal between the clan and Sarshan.

XP – 630



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