Scales of War

Episode 3.5 - Foundry

Air date: May 15, 2011


  • Lost Ones attacked the party on orders from Modra
  • While fighting under The Happy Beggar, the party and Modra were sucked through a gate into the Shadowfell
  • A shadar-kai witch told the party about Modra’s plan to destroy the foundry and tower when a company of mercenaries departed Umbraforge

When the party woke up in the morning, the barbarian was gone
Riven introduced himself to the party and asked if he could join
The party agreed
Went to the foundry and forced open the door
Found Modra and some shadowgoblins trying to wreck the foundry
Modra released one of Sarshan’s creations – a two-headed boar
The boar was pushed into the lava trench a couple of times and finally died
Defeated Modra and her allies

The party found Stanching Leather Armor +2 for Carric and 300 GP.



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