Scales of War

Episode 3.3 - Into the Shadowfell

The party proceeded further into the areas underneath The Happy Beggar. They find a stairway leading down to a room of finished stone with frescoes. There is a teleportation portal in the middle of the room. There are a shadar-kai witch and three dark creepers. There is also a shadow hound in a cage. The party quickly took out the witch. They defeated two of the creepers and the hound before the third creeper fled.

The party found an Elven Cloak +2 for Toegoff, a Gravespawn Potion and 250 GP.

They entered the White Shrine and found Modra. She summoned five wraiths to help her. The party managed to destroy two wraiths, but Dorlon and Carric were dying and the other adventurers were seriously hurt. Toegoff started to flee. Suddenly, tendrils of shadow burst from the portal, the party and Modra were dragged through the portal. After losing consciousness briefly, the party awakes in the Black Shrine in the Shadowfell. There is no sign of Modra. There is evidence of a recent disturbance. The entrance looks out onto quite a sight:

The land before you is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.
A wide plain of gray-green grass and stunted black trees
spreads beneath a sky scoured by fast-moving clouds. The
sun is bright above but somehow doesn’t cut the darkness
that drapes every rock and every blade of grass in gray
gloom. This is the Shadowfell.
From the mouth of the cavern, a wide and well-traveled
road runs in a curving line to the north. There, perhaps a
quarter-mile away, a military camp spreads. Buildings are
scattered here and there, with tents and pavilions spreading
between them. Torches and fires burn brightly against the
ever-present shadow, and lone trees and tall stands of graygreen
grass are whipped by a hissing wind.
Looming above it all, a rise of black rock to the west is
rent by a seething volcanic rift. Black-streaked lava courses
from it to descend into a narrow channel, and a permanent
pall of glowing red-black smoke rises above it. Over this
molten flow, a great stone bridge is arched. This wide eastwest
road meets the road north from the cavern. North of
the bridge, a tall tower stands and a lower building spreads
in its shadow.



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